On January 26, an online seminar on mobility calls of the Erasmus program took place, in which the Spanish schools of the Inclusive Schools Network of the PIECIT project participated. It was given by Campus Iberus technicians, the consortium that brings together the public universities of the middle Ebro valley (University of Zaragoza, Public University of Navarra, University of Lleida and University of La Rioja) and which leads the PIECIT project. The objective of this meeting was to present the mobility calls for educational centers developed by the Erasmus program, with the aim of facilitating contacts and exchanges between European schools. The Inclusive Schools Network that is being developed from PIECIT, which currently has forty-three members, has among its objectives that the schools that are part of it, belonging to different countries, can also participate in these exchange programs and generate common projects, based on the inclusive practices carried out. The deadline for submitting Erasmus proposals this year closes on February 23rd.